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Audience age level: PK through 5th Grade
Length of performance: ~45 minutes

Each year, in addition to our fall, winter, and spring programs, Robert the “Reading Wizard” creates a special reading focused show to complement that year’s summer reading theme.


This summer our Splash of Magic show will be making waves at libraries throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. 


Designed for children PK through 5th grade (and their families), A Splash of Magic  is a “FUNTASTIC” magic show filled with exciting water-themed adventures. This highly interactive show helps the kids discover the myriad roles water plays in our lives and how we can best protect this essential natural resource.  Robert and the kids will be exploring 8 different books as we learn about our “wonderful world of water”!

Some of the featured routines:


    water appears from nowhere 


    where there is water … there must be FISH … and a DUCK! 
        Following the program the kids will be invited to meet Quackers -        the newest member of our show.


    one of the kids will be “plumbed” to illustrate water and our body 


    water vanishes as we learn about the devastating effect one quart
        of oil can produce 


and … much much more! 


A Splash of Magic will have kids laughing, wiggling their fingers, and totally spell-bound!   You’ll smile as the kids leave desperate to get their hands on some of the great books Robert promoted during the show.   Join Robert this year on this FUNTASTIC adventure. As always, there are lots of both comedy and audience participation. Shhhhh … there is even some special fun built in just for the adults.  



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