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Audience age level: Middle School / Jr. High / High School
Length of performance: ~50 minutes


Mentalist & Motivational Speaker Robert Halbrook is pleased to present his teen-program “Dark Tales of Mystery and Intrigue”; a show that advances literacy in a fun and very creepy way. 


Dark Tales is interactive theatre at its best.  Students will experience strange phenomenon and then explore the relationship, albeit sometimes a slightly macabre relationship, the phenomena seems to share with the works of relevant authors.   


Topical authors like Stephanie Meyers and PC Cast as well as classical authors like Edgar Allan Poe, and Bram Stoker are featured throughout the show. 


A number of “relics” and antiques from Robert’s personal collection will be on display throughout the program.  Selected students will personally experience the odd phenomena that results from an association with these artifacts while the entire audience plays witness to what can only be described as intuition, compulsion, telekinesis, mind reading, or … ?  


There are not many professional programs designed for the young adult audience. Presenters often times just don’t know what the teens are interested in and want to see. 


Dark Tales has the content that appeals to these kids and motivates them to read more.  It will not only attract them to literature but encourage them to use the media center or library to pursue other topics. 


Who knows?  Maybe they will find themselves inexplicably drawn into their own heart pounding and fascinating journey toward the unknown!   


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