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Audience age level: PK ~ 5th Grade
Length of performance: ~45 minutes

GREAT BOOKS can inspire GREAT DREAMS!  Great dreams are the seeds for incredible inventions.  Professor Marvel’s Dream Machines – an All NEW show for the 2012 Summer Reading Program - will take your kids on a whirl wind journey through his world of always magical, often whacky, but very cool inventions; inventions born of DREAMS.  


What better way for kids to discover that every time they open a book they become part of a remarkable adventure.  An adventure into a world - not unlike their own - where they can meet Hugo Cabret an ordinary kid - not unlike themselves - who creates an extraordinary invention.  In short, every book is in and of itself an amazing adventure.  


Professor Marvel’s Dream Machines provides an interactive playground where kid’s natural creativity can blossom.  In this landscape kids quickly learn that through reading anything is possible.    


The adventure begins with the Professor demonstrating his brand new invention the “ABC GUM RECOMBOBULATING” machine.  (What else do you do with the bubble-gum you find underneath your chair?)  The kids will roar as they watch the Professor transform what might be an ooey-gooey mess into big-beautiful-colorful-balls-of-chewing gum right before their eyes. 


From there on its non-stop action as eight different books are featured and then illustrated with our trade mark magic and illusion woven throughout their pages – magic especially designed to illustrate each book introduced during the show.  Topical and classical books are selected based upon a graduated scale for kindergarten through fifth grade.      


Professor Marvel’s Dream Machines is a fully themed show featuring a colorful backdrop, special costumes, interactive theatre (with lots of audience participation), story-telling, comedy, and magic aimed at helping kids discover the rewards found within the pages of a book.  After all, inspiring books deserve an inspiring show. 


Like all of our themed reading shows Professor Marvel’s Dream Machines focuses on books and literacy.  Librarians love our shows because we pack a powerful message that motivates kids to read.  Kids love our shows because they are just plain FUN!  



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