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Audience age level:  PK through 5th Grade
Length of performance: ~45 minutes  

Limited Availability: February 1 – May 30 


Yo ho … yo ho … it’s a pirate’s life for me!  It’s time to set sail upon the high seas.  Kids love pirates and Skullduggery is the ultimate pirate reading event.  What better way to celebrate Children’s Read Month? 

Mirth, merriment and mayhem will ensue as the kids experience the life and times of storybook pirates. Set sail with silliness as Captain Robert takes the kids on a great adventure in search of buried treasure. 

Filled with piratical prestidigitation Skullduggery will have the kids spellbound as Captain Robert plucks a never ending flow of “pieces of eight” from one of the audience member’s ears, nose and mouth. The FUN doesn’t stop there as Harry the dove appears from the same kid’s ear!  Yo-ho-ho and a Barrel of FUN! 

Proving once again that every great adventure starts from within the pages of a great book Captain Robert and First Mate Lynn-Marie have culled a treasure trove of great magic from the pages of 8 wonderful books – books like: “Pirates Don’t Change Diapers”, How to Train Your Dragon Series Volume 2 “How to Be a Pirate”, “Treasure Island”, “Peter Pan” and FOUR other classical/topical books.  Books are selected based upon a graduated scale for kindergarten through fifth grade.   


“Skullduggery” is a fully themed show featuring a colorful backdrop, special costumes, interactive theatre (with lots of audience participation), story-telling, comedy, and magic aimed at helping kids discover the rewards found within the pages of a book.  After all, inspiring books deserve an inspiring show. 


Like all of our themed reading shows “Skullduggery” focuses on books and literacy.  Librarians love our shows because we pack a powerful message that motivates kids to read.  Kids love our shows because they are just plain FUN!