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Audience age level: Elementary School
Length of performance: ~ 45 minutes


Join Mr. Bob the “package guy” on a multi-cultural journey. With Mr. Bob as their guide the kids will learn about the various holidays celebrated around the world. Designed to be broad in scope, The Gift covers well known holidays such as Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hanukkah, and the Chinese Lantern Festival as well as a variety of lesser known holidays. 


Robert uses story-telling, drama, comedy, magic, and audience participation to ensure a show that’s 100% fun!  Although cultural diversity is the main focus of this show, 10 books are introduced to aid in illustrating the learning objectives. "The Gift" is a great holiday program for library events, and library sponsored school assemblies or family fun night events

Along the journey everyone will learn that while not all cultures exchange gifts, there is one gift we can always give regardless of our diverse cultural backgrounds - the gift of friendship! 



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