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Audience age level: PK through 5th Grade
Length of performance: ~45 minutes

Welcome to “Count Whackula’s Things That Go Bump in the Night” where  Reading is monstrously great FUN!  There is no better way to MOTIVATE READING during the fall season than with this engaging and interactive program.  

Count Whackula believes that each time a book is opened regular readers have the opportunity to explore extraordinary worlds, meet outrageous characters (even creatures), and learn how to do the most amazing things.  In short, there is a GHOUL-ISH-OUS adventure waiting inside of every book! 

A family-oriented event, “Count Whackula’s Things That Go Bump in the Night” is never too scary (even for preschoolers) and although it’s designed for kids PK through 5th grade it’s guaranteed to entertain even the older kids.   

The Count uses story-telling, drama, comedy, magic, lots of great books, and audience participation to ensure a show that’s 100% fun!  This show is chock-ful of Goofy, Spoofy, Un-boo-lievable Magic, and Terrific Books.  PLUS  ...   the kids will get some trick or treating safety tips that will remind them how to stay safe while trick-or-treating. 


Filled with Halloween themed magic and hilarious comedy each routine promotes a specific book. Then, magic and illusion are woven throughout its pages – magic especially crafted to illustrate that book. This formula guarantees that after the kids have seen the show your Halloween-themed books will go flying off the shelves like spooked bats.


Some of the routines and the books that inspired them are: 

  • Dracula’s skull takes on a life of its own.    
  • The Haunted Jack-O-Lantern.    
  • Bunnicula the “Vampire Bunny”    
  • Frankie Stein gets all mixed up.    

(Topical and classical books are selected based upon a graduated scale for kindergarten through fifth grade. See the bibliography for a complete list of books referenced during the show.)   


Featured safety routines and their particular message include: 


1.  A “mummy” costume might not be the best choice.  

(SEE – avoid costumes and accessories that cover your eyes or interfere with your peripheral vision.)  

2.  Misadventures with a flashlight; those troublesome batteries.  

( Take a flashlight with NEW BATTERIES along.) 

3.  Two kids discover that the candy they were given isn’t what they think it is.  

(Have an adult check your candy BEFORE you eat it.) 

“Things That Go Bump in the Night” is a fully themed show featuring a colorful backdrop, special costumes, interactive theatre (with lots of audience participation), story-telling, comedy, and magic aimed at helping kids discover the rewards found within the pages of a book. After all, inspiring books deserve an inspiring show


Like all of our themed reading shows “Count Whackula’s Things That Go Bump in the Night” focuses on books and literacy.  Librarians love our shows because we pack a powerful reading message that motivates kids to read.  Kids love our shows because they are just plain whacky FUN!  

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