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Audience age level: Elementary School
Length of performance: ~45 minutes

Welcome to Wizard's School where “Reading is Magical”. There is no better way to CELEBRATE READING than with this engaging and interactive program. Robert uses story-telling, drama, comedy, magic, and audience participation to ensure a show that’s 100% fun!  

The show features Robert the Reading Wizard as the “class headmaster” and magical storyteller leading the audience on a journey where they learn that “Regular Readers”:

    1.  meet really cool characters and… sometimes... 

go on amazing adventures anywhere in the world
          …and even to other worlds; and,

     3. can learn how to do anything they can imagine. 

The Magic Tree house selection “Christmas in Camelot” introduces the kids to the world’s greatest wizard – Merlin. Oh but there is more as the kids discover that Merlin was King Arthur’s court wizard and lived during a time of kings, queens, knights, valiant quests, and incredible exploits. 

Our next character, Strega Nona, helps out with “Magic Lessons” as an audience member is asked to assist the headmaster in getting the class started. From there it’s non-stop action as eight different books are featured with amazing magic and illusion woven through their pages.  

Can 6th graders get just as involved in the program as Kindergarteners? They can and they do when the program is Wizard's School! The children will learn that anything is possible with books.  

Reward your young readers with something that is as fun as it is meaningful. You don't have to choose one or the other. Get the best of BOTH worlds with Wizard's School!

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