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Audience age level: Young Adults/ Adults
Length of performance: ~50 minutes 



The DEAD, the MOSTLY DEAD, and the UNDEAD are the inhabitants of Robert and Lynn Halbrook’s new show “Vampires, Witches & Ghosts”. Specifically designed for young adults/adults, the show provides a spooky and extremely interactive entertainment experience.


Vampires, Witches & Ghosts introduces its guests to a variety of books authored by both topical and classical writers; authors like Elizabeth Kostova, Chad Lewis, Deborah Harkness and many others. Audience members have the rare opportunity to be EDUCATED and to EXPERIENCE the real “ghosts” in these ghost stories. 


The show combines several forms of theatre: illusion, hypnosis, and spook show to create an afternoon or evening event unlike any other.


Strange phenomenon and manifestations occur as Robert recounts tales of mediums, murderers and mayhem.  Do the dead actually return?  Should the characters that populate these books come back to “life”?   Are they ever really very far away!


On display and presented during the program are a variety of artifacts gathered from around the world.   A mummified finger bearing a very special ring, a Ouija Board said to be possessed by its original owners, and an “Inquisitor’s Box” used to detect the blood of a witch are just a few of the relics haunting this show.  Relics that will be touched by the audience members; and, just maybe, audience members that will be touched by these relics!




Why should kids get to have all of the fun? Schedule Vampires, Witches & Ghosts as one of the highlights of your Young Adult/Adult Reading Program.

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